Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Adirondack Railroad is expanding!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is awesome!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

From Trains Magazine

Three preserved and operational Alco locomotives were gathered for a photo session on Dec. 6.
John Sesonske

GREENWICH JUNCTION, N.Y. — A group of railfans gathered three preserved and operational Alco locomotives for a night photo at Greenwich Junction on Dec. 6, 2020, and are also seeking to promote an effort to preserve a former Alco plant switcher. 

Photographed at Greenwich Junction, where the Greenwich & Johnsonville Railroad interchanged with the Delaware & Hudson, are Batten Kill Railroad No. 4116, an RS-3 originally built for the D&H, in a 1970s-er Greenwich & Johnsonville paint scheme; RCPX No. 3021, a former Army and Staten Island Transit unit, wearing the scheme S2 locomotives wore when on the D&H, and Southern New England Railroad No. 5012, a former Atlantic & Danville RS-36 in a D&H scheme with Southern New England lettering. The three models, representing types that all operated at the location, also feature the three types of Alco prime movers, the 539, 244, and 251 engines.

Efforts are under way to preserve former Alco plant switcher No. 5, now owned by Raven Rail.
John Sesonske
Raven Rail, which owns No. 3021, also owns Alco S1 No. 5, a former plant switcher at the Alco Schenectady, N.Y., plant, which is the subject of a preservation effort. The locomotive was subsequently used by GE at the site when GE used the former Alco plant. Under private ownership, the diesel also spent time at the Strasburg Rail Road, and on a number of short lines and tourist operations including the Adirondack Centennial, Upper Hudson River, and Saratoga & North Creek railroads. The locomotive’s future was at risk following the bankruptcy of the Saratoga & North Creek and other Iowa Pacific operations, but was rescued by Raven Rail. Information on preservation efforts are available at this Facebook page; donations to a restoration GoFundMe effort can be made here.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Moving Adirondack RSC2, 25

I don’t know the whole story about moving this engine from the Utica Children’s  Museum, but it IS returning to the Adirondacks which is a great thing!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Save Adirondack Railway #25... Visit their Facebook Page

The Remsen Depot in Remsen, New York will be the future home of former Adirondack Railway Corporation 25 Alco RSC2. It will join a few pieces of equipment, including former New York Central Railroad Caboose 19059, which was built in 1915 and moved to the site in 2005.

The depot building is a completely new structure, built on the site of the previous station. The Remsen Development Corporation organized donations and work for construction, and it was completed in 1999. Today it serves various community functions, as well as being a stop on the Adirondack Railroad. 

To donate to our Go Fund Me:

To get a great magnet or print of Andy Fletcher Custom Trains' drawing of 25 go to Andy has generously donated 25% of these sales to help move and preserve the engine.
Photo Credit: Marc Glucksman/River Rail Photo

Sunday, December 6, 2020

The official last day of the Schenectady Railway’s Saratoga Division...December 6th, 1941.  

Here is the last car to leave Schenectady for Saratoga Springs, December 6th 1941.  The last run left the corner of Nott Street and Park Place in the 11 o’clock hour.  It’s return trip to Veeder Yard on Van Vranken Ave was a 1:30 am, December 7th.  So technically, the last run was on the 6th!

Here is a trip from earlier in the day.  Seen her is the interesting wooden trestle that crossed the Troy and Schenectady Railroad at Aqueduct (Craig).  Several clubs used the last day of service to get together and ride to Saratoga Springs, one last time.  Stops were made Along the way for photos and souvenirs...