Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rebuilding The FJ&G Railroad

Got your attention...right?  Model railroader and FJ&G Super-fan, Steve Lamora is once again building the FJ&G in HO scale.  Steve had an FJ&G layout in the past, but scrapped it try some other roads.  Seeing the Atlas S2s and constant harassment by his friends has Steve RE-modeling our favorite railroad again...

A custom painted Brill Car grabs one's attention immediately!  The detail is incredible.  The 340 was purchased in 1938 to carry mail between Fonda and Gloversville.  A job that was previously held by electric cars on the former Cayadutta Electric Railroad.

Here she is crossing North Street in Gloversville.

A beautiful detailed S2 is seen at the Lincoln Street Crossing.  This model has all the sounds of 1950's railroading.

This crossing view also includes a glimpse of the Cayadutta Creek.

You can almost imagine Leslie 'Pete' Vosburg, or Red Morey running the Number 20 north through Gloversville.

Night-time is deep purple on the FJ&G!

The skin mills in Gloversville and Johnstown ran night and day.  This scene captures the 1950's perfectly...

Decca Records was a hopping place in 1950's Gloversville.  Before that it was Surpass Leather.  The building still stands between Lincoln and North Streets...

Don't take my word for it, but have a look and listen at Steve's FJ&G!

Stay tuned for more from Steve's FJ&G!

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  1. Does anyone have personnel records for the FJ&G? I’ve always heard my great grandfather worked for them. Is there any way to confirm?