Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NARCOA Mid-Atlantic Meet On The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad 5/24/14

  This past Saturday I had the pleasure of catching a ride in a Speeder Car from North Creek to Saratoga Springs and back.  What a great adventure cruising The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad!

It's all due to this guy, the one and only Mad Dog Bill Kozel!  When Bill asked me if I'd like to join him, how could I refuse!!!!

 Here's a shot of Mad Dog's Canadian National Speeder.  Not a replica, but the real deal! 
What a great ride!

We had to layover a few minutes in Thurman so a North Bound passenger train could get through. Not a bad place to take a break, plus we got to see the new Thurman S&NC Station.

 Hooray, The New York Central!!!!!!

Here's some of the cars lining up at the North Creek Depot.  Someday I hope to own one of these cars.  The people in the group are great and they travel all over North America to explore railroads, like no other way!

Some cars are a little more luxurious than others.  The Cadillac on the left was scratch built by a member and it can hold around 6 people.  The horn on this contraption was louder than any loco running on this line!

Workers from the S&NC flagged every crossing all the way up and down the line.  Safety is first and foremost in everyone's mind!  Operators need to licensed to join the group, their Speeders need regular inspections and all rules of the railroad must be followed!

 Everyone wears special gear so you stick out in all conditions!  Hey, here is a shot of the new Thurman Station I was talking about!

All cars are equipped with multiple safety devices!

 The cars are from a variety of railroads.  I enjoyed the CN speeder I rode in, but there was a neat Pennsy Car and a couple of Suzy-Q rides that I'd love for myself!

Even the employees of the SNC were impressed with the Speeders!

If you'd like more information about this great organization, check out their National site at

Also check out The Mid-Atlantic Motorcar Association, the group that sponsored this S&NC Trip!