Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hoosac Valley Train Ride (Rebuilding Rails)

The Berkshire Scenic Railroad Museum has some great news for its Hoosac Valley Train Ride....

Where rails were torn up in the 1970's, they return in 2017!  A great lesson for all those railroads being torn up to create bike-trails.  This one-mile stretch of road will be added to 4 miles of Pan-Am Southern Trackage AND coexist with a bike trail near Adams, Mass.

The green dashed line represents the track to be replaced

Photos courtesy of the Hoosac Valley Train Ride...

New ties waiting to be installed...

Graded right-of-way paralleling the Bike-Trail...

So great that the rubber-grade crossing is still in place! (PHOTO: BSRM)

A nice line of new ties is a thing of beauty! (PHOTO: BSRM)

Here's the story from

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