Friday, February 15, 2013

First Freight On The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad

This week was a momentous occasion on the Saratoga And North Creek Railroad.  For the first time since 1989, revenue freight made it's was from the line North to Saratoga Springs!  Let's have Brad Peterson give us the details....

They ran the boxcar north on Wednesday (Feb 6th) and spotted it up near Bartons until loading day.  It was planned for a Saturday (Feb 9th) loading, but with the storm coming they pushed it back to Sunday the 10th.  Loading went off well and they brought the train back to North Creek in the afternoon (a bit before we departed with #190).  Monday the 11th we had the deadhead equipment move from Saratoga and the plan was to meet the freight at Thurman.  This we did with a little delay...we swapped power for some publicity photos.  The 52 was on the freight long hood first and the 8524 was long hood first on the passenger...this was not acceptable!  As we were swapping power, it was suggested that the crew out of North Creek take the passenger cars back north and the crew from Saratoga take the freight car and go back to Saratoga.  This is how we ended up running.  We had some pics taken right there at Thurman and then we both departed Thurman.  I came up with a (brilliant) idea...we stopped at Stony Creek bridge for another little photo op.  We got to Saratoga and delivered the car to the D&H on track 7, ran around the caboose then ran back to the station and tied it down on the house track.

Here the 52 is seen leaving Ordway's, between North River and North Creek. She is fully loaded with garnet from the Bartons Hudson River Plant.   TBOX 666669 is on her way to Louisiana  
(PHOTO: John Sesonske)

Southbound at North River. (PHOTO: John Sesonske)

Again at North River. (PHOTO: John Sesonske)

Here's the historic meet on February 11th, 2013 at Thurman between the 8524 and the 52. (PHOTO: John Sesonske)

(PHOTO: John Sesonske)

(PHOTO: John Sesonske)

 The first freight to cross The Sacandaga River At Hadley in 24 years. 
(PHOTO: John Sesonske)

Publicity shot from Stoney Creek, NY. (PHOTO: Brad Peterson)

Another shot from Stoney Creek. (PHOTO: Brad Peterson)

The 8524 with loaded boxcar passes CPC-37 in Saratoga Springs, New York.  
(PHOTO: Gary Schermerhorn)

The 8524 and caboose tie-down on The House-Track at the Saratoga Springs Amtrak Station. 
(PHOTO: Brad Peterson)

(PHOTO: Brad Petterson)

A very special thanks to Bradley Peterson, John Sesonske and Gary Schermerhorn for sharing their great photos of this happening!