Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The 4088

The 'pretty' long life of the 4088

Built by ALCO/Schenectady in 1952, D&H 4088 sure got around the North East!

Here's a shot of the 4088 at Naporano's in Newark, NJ in May of 1973.  She probably went down there to meet the torch, but she was scooped up by Walter Rich and his new Delaware Otsego System...
(PHOTO: Bill Wickes Collection)

First up, a new paint-job and a re-numbering.  Here the 'former' 4088 helps with the tourist operation on The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad in Milford, New York.  With the DOSystem just getting started, their second diesel purchase was numbered 101, right after the Cooperstown And Charlotte Valley's 100.  Also, a former D&H ALCO.  The 101 was getting ready for the start-up of DO's next shortline...The Central New York Railroad.  The CNYK was a play on the words, New York Central.  This shortline ran on the former DL&W's Richfield Springs Branch...
(PHOTO: Michael Bates)

As soon as the DO's next acquisition  The Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad was purchased, the CNYK needed help with a big lumber shipment.  FJ&G S-2 #20 was sent to Utica and over to the CNYK.  Here she's seen with the 101 at Richfield Junction, near Cassville, New York.
(PHOTO: Al Gorney, Andy Fusco Collection)

On his way to do a little railfanning on April 22, 1975, a shutterbug made a stop in Richfield Springs just in time to find the 101 getting ready for the day's switching...
(PHOTO: W. Allen) 

Another shot of the 101 on April 22nd, 1975...(PHOTO: W. Allen) 

The 101 gets ready for a little switching in Richfield Springs.  Along the way, the 101 would travel through Cedarville, Millers Mills, West Winfield and Bridgewater...(Author's Collection)

Trying to add some zip into the Delaware Otsego's Paint Scheme, the 101 was re-painted from basic blue, to Burgundy and Gold! Here she is peeking out of the engine shed at Richfield Springs on April 30th, 1982.  
(PHOTO: W. Allen)

On a visit down to Little Ferry (Real close to where she almost met the torch), the 101 got ANOTHER new paint job.  This time around was for the acquisition of the New York Susquehanna and Northern Railroad by The Delaware Otsego System.  From this time on, the 101 wouldn't return to the CNYK and other NYSW Power was used.  The 101 spent the rest of her NYSW-Life working around Utica, Binghamton and Honesdale, PA.  (PHOTO: John Mech)

Speaking of Honesdale, PA, here is the 101 doing the tourist duty again, but this time on The Lackawaxen and Stourbridge Railroad of Northern Pennsylvania.  The LASB was the next acquisition by the DO after the FJ&G in April of 1974.  The LASB was created on April 1st, 1976, which also was the birthday of CONRAIL...(Author's Collection)

More tourist duty in August of 1983.  Honesdale was the terminal of the LASB, also the birthplace of The Delaware And Hudson Canal Company...(Author's Collection)

Again, Honesdale is where we find the 101.  Lot's of switching for her to do down there, not just the tourist runs...(Author's Collection)

One thing the 101 got  used to was the brutal Northeast Winters.  This shot was taken in the NYSW Yards in Binghamton.  Not long before she would leave the Delaware Otsego's property...
 (Author's Collection)

In exchange for some work on NYSW Engines, the DO gave the Rome Locomotive Works the 101 for switching around their yard.  On the RLW, the 101 would re-gain her Delaware And Hudson original numbering of 4088.  (Author's Collection)

For her final job and destination, the 4088 was sold to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad of Ohio.  She's shown here in Peninsula, OH on March 29th of 1994.  Behind her is sister engine, NYSW 104 who also was a former D&H ALCO created from D&H 4117 and D&H 4097.  Stay tuned for a history of this great ALCO!  Both the former 101/4088 and the 104 were scrapped out in Ohio in 1996.  Thus ending the great lives of two Delaware Otsego ALCOs...(Author's Collection)

Here's someone who shared a close connection to the 101 and the rest of her Delaware Otsego brethren.  Mark Wilber grew up in Cooperstown, New York and has worked for The Fonda Johnstown And Gloversville, The Cooperstown And Charlotte Valley, The Central New York and currently The New York Susquehanna and Western.  He also owns the distinction of having worked The FJ&G, CNYK, CACV and the Lackawaxen and Stourbridge IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD!!!!!  That's a lot of railroading for a modest guy.  He also made the last trip on The Fonda Johnstown And Gloversville Railroad in November of 1984 and was featured in the August 1979 issue of Model Railroader.  You wont find anyone nicer than Mark Wilber!  Good luck when retirement comes in November Mark...After 37 years in Delaware Otsego service, YOU deserve it!  (PHOTO: Matthew Gibbons)

Special Thanks to W. Allen, Bob Wickes, Mike Bates, Andy Fusco, Al Gorney and Matt Gibbons