Monday, February 18, 2013

Sanbank Yard Memories

Sandbank Yard was located under Sunnyside Road in Glenville.  It was an interchange point with The Delaware And Hudson's Mohawk Yard.  The connection track crossed Freeman's Bridge Road next to a greenhouse and a feed dealer whose barn is still on the side of the road.....

All Photos By Steve Myers

Track Schematic For Sandbank Yard

Our Photographer, Steve Myers.  Steve, who now work for CSX in Buffalo, grew up in Scotia, NY, not far from Sandbank Yard.  He is also the author of Buffalo Railroads, available from Arcadia Books.  Steve spent his youth exploring the yard and learning the history of the railroad and the people who worked there.

An empty Sanbank Yard Looking East

Sandbank Yard, Scotia, NY in the snow looking east toward Schenectady, NY. A typical day that Steve thought would go on forever in his youth. Note all of the fallen flag railroad names on the equipment that are now cascaded into the history books, just like Sandbank yard.  The interchange track with the D&H's Mohawk Yard is on the left.

Pete DePaula climbs on board CR 2644. His brother owned the DePaula Chevrolet dealership in Albany.

Sandbank Yard office, built in 1945. On the right is the large window that was the clerk's office and carknockers desk behind them.  The  center window is the crew room, and the window to left was the track gangs office, and further left was a bathroom and locker room. 

Here is Mr. Patsy Delory, Chief Clerk, Sandbank Yard, Scotia, NY. 46 Years of faithful service, NYC, PC, CR. A fine man and a dear friend to Steve. He showed kindness and tried to teach a boy who had no dad.  Patsy passed away on March 5th, 2002...

Joe Alix, extra board clerk, Sandbank Yard, Scotia, NY.

Harold Goodrow, car knocker, Sandbank Yard, Scotia, NY. Another WWII vet bombardier who fought over the skies of Germany.

Blizzard of '77 Buffalo snow in gons & hoppers stored in Scotia on the old Chicago Line @ Sandbank Yard. The B&M bridge is above.

Sandbank Yard, Scotia, New York. Job TS-1 would work out of Sandbank on days Monday through Friday.

John Bogdon, "Bugadoon" or the ghost. Former POW from WWII and lost a leg at Sandbank. 3/1977

Tank cars for Schenectady Varnish (Schenectady Chemical) were always seen at Sandbank Yard, since they and GE were the largest customers.

Fawthrop's was the sand company at Sanbank Yard, Scotia, New York. They loaded covered hoppers with sand mostly for General Electric to use in the foundry for castings. Fawthrop also cleaned out railcars at Sandbank.

A full Sanbank Yard looking West.

Leroy Brown from the track department at the MoW office in Sandbank yard.

Patsy Delory at his desk in Sandbank Yard, Scotia, New York.

August 1978 Sandbank Yard closed due to a fire on the Mohawk River Bridge. Despite the fire I was sure that her days were numbered.  In the background is the steeple for St. John The Evangelist Church.

Working to lay new bridge timbers over the Mohawk River at Scotia, NY

With Sandbank Yard abandoned, the only movement through the area is Amtrak several times a day.

Thanks to Steve Myers for opening his photo album to our Rail-Blog....