Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New York Central Derailment On The Boston and Maine

Wreck At Glenridge Road

All Photos By Eber Davis, February 1962...

Right around 1:20 PM on Thursday February 15th, 1962 an 80-car West bound New York Central freight train derailed on the Boston And Maine Railroad in Glenville.

Here is the same view today, looking East from Bruce Drive.

The NYCRR freight train traveling from Mechanicville to Syracuse on the B&M buckled in the middle and spilled 27 cars onto Glenridge Road below.

Not one of the five crewmen were injured in the derailment.  According to a report a school bus just passed the accident scene before the derailment occurred.

Here is where some of the cars came to a rest on Bruce Drive.  An empty tank car traveled over 50 feet down Glenridge Road towards Maple Avenue.

Plenty of Spectators arrived at the derailment scene to get a first-hand look.
The bottom of this train-car reminds me a lot of a model kit.  It just needs the trucks screwed on!

The Boston and Maine right-of-way is obliterated at the wreck scene!

Here is a glimpse up Glenridge Road looking towards Rexford.

Because of the accident the Glenridge Town Board had a special session to discuss the removal of the narrow under-crossing.  In case you wondered, the overpass and narrow under-crossing was replaced in 2013.

Special Thanks To The Davis Family.