Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Last Ride Of The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad

On Saturday, April 7th The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad polished up their BL-2 #52 and made what looks like their last passenger run.  At this time what the future of the S&NC holds is anyone's guess.  Our friend Greg Klingler hit the road and snapped some photos of the last run of the SNC...

All Photos: Greg Klingler

Manager Of Passenger Services, Steve Torrico sits at the throttle of the Number 52.

General Manager Justin Gonyo, who's family has worked the Adirondack Branch for a century gives a wave as they prepare to head back to Saratoga Springs.

Leaving Thurman with the beautiful Upper Hudson and the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains for a background...

The BL-2 pulling passengers, perhaps for the last time passes through Stoney Creek.

Making the curve at Hadley.  Is this the last time tourists cross the Sacandaga at Hadley?  

Stay Tuned!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Last Of The Snow Trains

Due to flooding on the Upper Hudson River, The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad was only able to run a shortened Snow-Train Schedule.  Trains were due to run January through April.  The last train will be Saturday, April 7th...

All Photos By Greg Klingler

Saturday,  March 10 was the second Snow-Train  run on the S&NC.  What was originally going to be a round trip to North Creek, was shortened  to Thurman, NY (Warrensburg).  Power was IP 4135 and 4137...

The 4137 heads North to Thurman.

Northbound at the Stoney Creek Curve.

Arriving at Thurman Station

Running around at Thurman Station with the 4135 now in the lead.

Now South-bound, leaving Thurman for Saratoga Springs.  Ice-chunks can be seen on the River in the background.

Here a great shot of the South-bound leaving Thurman.

Heading south to Stoney Creek Ranch.

The 4135 entering The Stoney Creek Ranch.

 Southbound at Hadley/Luzurne.

A big thanks to Greg Klingler for sharing his snow-train photos!  Hopefully there is more to come...