Sunday, September 24, 2017

Railroad proposes storage of hundreds of train cars on local line

Saratoga North Creek Railway
Saratoga North Creek Railway plans to store hundreds of rail cars on a line it owns north of North Creek.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Riding The Sanford Lake Branch

NARCOA's run to Tahawus

North American Railcar Operators Association

It's my second trip in a rail-speeder and this time we head north on the Sanford Lake Branch of The Saratoga & North Creek Railroad.

The one and only Bill 'Madog' Kozel

Madog's sweet former CN-Speeder

The leaves are starting to change in Adirondack Park

Beautiful late Summer skies and red, orange and green...

Entering the yard at Tahawus.  Hopefully hoppers will sit here ready to transport tailings to market

A former D&H snowplow sits exposed on the wye track at Tahawus.  A shop building used to protect it, but for some reason it was dismantled.

Here is the Wye track that the plow sits on

End of track heading north.  Walk further on private property and see the Adirondack High-Peaks

The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad let it be known that where the tracks end, their property ends.  The former operation site is still owned by National Lead and trespassing is forbidden.

The great members of NARCOA take a break to eat lunch and enjoy the spectacular scenery

A hotel should be built here only accessed by The SNCRR.  It would be a 4-star resort with the best view in the Adirondacks

Pure wilderness is what I saw out the cab of Madog's Speeder!

Some passenger cars sit deep in the North Country, not bothering anyone at all. You may remember a few years ago that protesters of the idea of storing tankers on the branch caused a stir when they said these cars were polluting the forest!

You'll cross the headwaters of the Hudson River twice when you ride the Branch

The best way for all to enjoy these views is a scenic train ride to Tahawus!

Hudson River Rapids

Hopper cars stored near the Barton Mine property.  Hopefully the Railroad will start shipping garnett for this company!

Stored just above North Creek are some classic-EMDs.  Hopefully these museum-pieces will roll through the Adirondack again!

The #56, ex-BAR BL-unit waits in the wings for future runs.

Special thanks to Madog Bill for inviting me along.  It's a dream come true to ride the rails in a vintage speeder!  Thank you to The Saratoga And North Creek Railroad for welcoming NARCOA to ride their rails.  Justin Gonyo escorts us up and down the line which is a privilege having the Super with us!

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