Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rebuilding The FJ&G Railroad

Got your attention...right?  Model railroader and FJ&G Super-fan, Steve Lamora is once again building the FJ&G in HO scale.  Steve had an FJ&G layout in the past, but scrapped it try some other roads.  Seeing the Atlas S2s and constant harassment by his friends has Steve RE-modeling our favorite railroad again...

A custom painted Brill Car grabs one's attention immediately!  The detail is incredible.  The 340 was purchased in 1938 to carry mail between Fonda and Gloversville.  A job that was previously held by electric cars on the former Cayadutta Electric Railroad.

Here she is crossing North Street in Gloversville.

A beautiful detailed S2 is seen at the Lincoln Street Crossing.  This model has all the sounds of 1950's railroading.

This crossing view also includes a glimpse of the Cayadutta Creek.

You can almost imagine Leslie 'Pete' Vosburg, or Red Morey running the Number 20 north through Gloversville.

Night-time is deep purple on the FJ&G!

The skin mills in Gloversville and Johnstown ran night and day.  This scene captures the 1950's perfectly...

Decca Records was a hopping place in 1950's Gloversville.  Before that it was Surpass Leather.  The building still stands between Lincoln and North Streets...

Don't take my word for it, but have a look and listen at Steve's FJ&G!

Stay tuned for more from Steve's FJ&G!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Albany Hudson Fastline...Yesterday And Today

Albany & Hudson/Albany Southern/Albany Hudson Fastline...

Yesterday And Today...

The Albany/Hudson Trolley Depot on Main Street in Valatie.  Semaphore Signal at the station.

Same view today from Main Street in Valatie.  Plans are underway to convert the former trolley line into a biking/hiking trail running from Hudson, New York to Albany, New York.

A NYS Historical Marker informs visitors of the historical depot.
(Photo: Jared DiCarlo)

A summer of 2018 photo of the former depot.  Notice the power lines behind the Depot.  The right-of-way of most Capital District trolley lines were purchased by Niagara Mohawk, or their predecessors to run high-tension lines.
(Photo: Jared DiCarlo)

UTC...Yesterday And Today

United Traction Company, Yesterday And Today

UTC 824 is seen heading west on Madison Avenue in Albany. Today this would be NYS Route 20.
Willitt Street is to the left.

The same view today. Not much different.
(Photo: Google Maps Street View)