Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stop Ripping Up New York's Historic Railroads!!!!

Stop Ripping Up New York's Historic Railroads!!!!

Photo: Gino DiCarlo

Photo: Gene Shatrowski

These morons in New York State think it is so sheik to rip up historic rail lines.  As we speak, part of a line is being torn up in the Catskills.  We need some friends in NYS State Government so they can stop this madness.  The new stink rising from the ATF, (Adirondack-Trail-Fascists)* is some sort of punishment against Iowa Pacific for storing railcars in Adirondack Park.

The ATF is looking for any area politician to get on their team in ripping up our railroads.  If the SNC starts selling Pepsi on their trains this could trigger another onslaught of calls for a Rail-Trail.

Politics and politicians suck and I’m sick of them!  

Read the following article and pick out the local representatives getting involved with these groups trying to destroy our history!!!  In the most respectful way, tell them to stay out of rail-trail politics and improve our historic railroads!!!



*Forgive me for invoking the Fascist-Tag, but this underhanded politicking boils my blood!!!!

Photo from William Sternitzke Facebook Page

Photo: Ryan Lennox's Facebook Page

This is happening as I post this blog.  A scenic section of the former Catskill Mountain Branch of the New York Central Railroad (Ulster & Delaware, CMRR) is being dismantled in West Hurley, NY for a scenic trail.  

Stop this now!!!!