Saturday, June 13, 2015

Save The Adirondack Railroad's Northern Division!!!!

Saranac Lake Station 2003

Lake Placid Station 2003

Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous railroad depots in Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.  The State Of New York has just decided to abandon the railroad between these two towns and further south to Tupper Lake.  This because a selfish group wants to vandalize a historical piece of property.  The Adirondack Railroad deserves to be protected for its entire length.  Just like the Gettysburg Battlefield and the Statue of Liberty.  Outside groups can't petition the government with their idea of a better use!  Please click the link at the top to sign the petition and help NYS reverse its decision!!!

It will be a travesty if the rails between these towns are removed. This railroad is active and is run as a first class operation.  You don't dismantle an active rail-line!!!!!

All photos 2003 Gino DiCarlo